John Moran


Ever since his very first job with a vertical transportation and elevators company, John Moran has been drawn to the elevator industry. Now, with almost over 40 years of experience, he leads Syska Hennessy’s Vertical Transportation Group (VTG), where his responsibilities include project management and the design of elevators, escalators and automated people-moving systems. John has managed significant projects such as the award-winning San Francisco Public Safety Building and the major terminal and concourse redevelopment at Los Angeles International Airport.

However, John is quick to point out that his daily work is far from just figuring out ways to move people up and down. “There’s always something new and different to solve, which makes every day unique in its own way,” he says. “I’m excited by challenges that require innovative solutions.”

In his spare time, John loves running and fly fishing. He also shares a passion for landscape photography with his wife; the couple’s favorite vacation was going on an African safari to practice their craft.

John’s favorite quote is “Never, never, never give up.” by Winston Churchill.